Rethinking the Threshold (Recorded Live at the newARTschool, Basel)

Clarifying Observations on the Spiritual Path

12 Podcasts-Lectures, from an ongoing Seminar at the neueKUNSTschule-Basel, based on Rudolf Steiner’s book “The Threshold of the Spiritual World“. (You can join in any time) . 
Every real spiritual path aims at a transformation that might carry us consciously to the other side, letting us experience the ever-present spiritual reality. This “other side” is the other side of our everyday consciousness, so we are looking for a threshold inside, for the door we are not allowed to open, for a soul-room for which, for our protection, we do not seem to have the key. What do we need to give up so we can jump over our own shadow and into the real? What do we experience on the other side? What must we bring with us if we are to survive the crossing healthily and sanely? These questions and much more are the contents of Rudolf Steiner’s writings and lectures. It is in this ocean of wisdom that we find a pearl, the little book “The Threshold of the Spiritual World,” a shining and encapsulated guide on the path*. It is written in a different language, describing from a different point of view than other earlier books such as “Theosophy“ and “An Outline of Esoteric Science.” It was written as an invitation to think our way through concepts forged on the other side. This book, chapter by chapter, will be the departure point of the 12 lectures held for the graduating classes of the newARTschool and open to you in this podcast. I want to believe that our youngest human ability, the capability to think, can lead the way and open the locked door. I hope this lecture series can serve as a compass made of thoughts on the way over the threshold, or at least actualize a relationship to this very little-read spiritual masterpiece. After all, we are standing right there, on the “The Threshold of the Spiritual World.“ ----- *(There are a few English translations of the original “An die Schwelle Der Geistigen Welt.” I prefer the deeply-revealing translation by Christopher Bamford.)

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